Learning about Procreate

I recently started doing live graphic recording using Procreate and have been appreciating the multitude of people sharing tools and resources so I can learn. Here’s a few of my favorites.

The workflow of a digital scribe - Linda at https://redanredan.fi

Intro to Procreate - Bardot Brush

Procreate for Beginners - Every Tuesday

Tutorials, drawing, and brushes - Bardot Brush

A variety of Procreate tutorials - iPad Calligraphy

Malgosia’s top 8 tips video - part of the IFVP Digital Scribing Series

Malgosia’s PDF guide to the top eight features of Procreate - part of the IFVP Digital Scribing Series

Using Grid Builder Brushes to create lettering compositions - iPad Calligraphy

Procreate’s manual and support page

Lisa Bardot’s Procreate Facebook Page

How to create a brush in Procreate - Teela Cunningham

How to make a stamp in Procreate - Naptime Alternative on YouTube

How have you learned Procreate? Any great resources I should add to the list?

Amy Sparks

With over a decade of working with boards, committees and community members in small nonprofits, a brief stint as an illustrator, and training in counseling, coaching and visual processes, Amy jumped into the world of graphic recording and visual coaching.